Sunday, June 24, 2018

What is Midlife Crisis?

Summaries of Midlife Crisis
  •       Midlife Crisis Test
  •       Components of Midlife Crisis
  •       Parker-Pope, Tara.  “The Midlife Crisis Goes Global.”
  •       Summary of Conway’s Stages of Midlife Crisis
  •       Stumpf, K-R. “Stages of Midlife Crisis.”
Testimonials from MLCers and their spouses
  •       MLC Script:  The reasons spouses give for leaving
  •       Forum posts from the spouses of MLCers
  •       Responses to Huffington Post article on midlife crisis
  •       Forum posts on how MLCers use Facebook
  •       A female MLCer’s story
  •       A male MLCer’s story
  •       Another male MLCer’s story
  •       Return stories and length of time to reconnection
The Biochemistry of Midlife Crisis
  •       “Holy Hormones Honey!”:  the relationship between anger and dropping testosterone
  •       selection from Carver, Joseph, PhD.  “The Chemical Imbalance in Mental Health Problems”
  •       Gardner, Amanda. “Depression in Middle Age Linked to Dementia.”
  •       Coles, Jeremy.  “Great Apes May Have ‘Mid-Life Crisis,’ A Study Suggests,” on the biological basis of midlife crisis
  •      “Genes ‘Play Key Happiness Role,’” on the genetic predisposition toward happiness or unhappiness
  •       Nauert, Rick.  “Immune Disorders Tied to Mental Illness?”
The Psychology of Midlife Crisis
  •       Engs, R. C. “What Are Addictive Behaviors?”
  •       Pittman, Frank.  “Beyond Betrayal:  Life After Infidelity,” on the link between depression and infidelity
  •       Folk-Williams, John.  “Why Depressed Men Leave.”
  •       Carver, Joseph, PhD.  “Depression:  Causes, Symptoms and Treatment.”
  •       “Bipolar Disorder”
Typical MLC:  What You Might See and Hear
  •       Signs of Depression in MLC

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