Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How MLCers use Facebook

  • My husband "unfriended" me on Facebook early after Bomb Drop. I was so hurt! One of the last posts on my Facebook before he did that was a cute/funny post about riding our bikes to a neighboring town for our anniversary dinner.

  • Over the next three months, on my page - he writes, “My wife is very, very caring,”                                                                                                 “My wife is very beautiful,”                                                                                                     “My wife is very understanding.”

  • My husband did the exact same thing on Facebook. He had a trip away with "the guys" and praised me on Facebook for organizing the whole thing and being the "best" wife ever.  Bomb drop was a month later too!

  • From what I've seen, there's a period of clarity where he must KNOW that what is going on in his head is crazy - he must remember that he once thought these nice things about us.  He must post those things to both convince himself and others.  Maybe even thinking by doing that, we'll leave him alone and not hassle him about how weird he’s being. Umm, hello midlife crisis husband - it was a pretty big red flag for me!!!!

  • So what all y'all are saying is, they post one thing when other things are going on in their heads?  See, this whole Facebook thing has bothered me from day one.

  • My husband then took the next step of un-friending me altogether.  I have no idea what it means, but I'm trying not to panic.  I don't know if he's just trying to posture or if Bomb Drop #2 is coming.

  • I was unfriended after Bomb Drop, I think as a way for husband to protect his privacy, so I couldn't go on and find out who the other woman is.  I had a friend of his send me the names of all the female friends my husband has on Facebook. Sure enough, I figured out who it was.

  • Facebook seems to be the perfect vehicle for setting up Fantasyland for the MLCer.  I guess it's all a bit individual though.

  • This Facebook thing is crazy! My husband kept me on his Facebook after Bomb Drop, and the other woman was also on my Facebook, so they paraded around on Facebook all lovey-dovey and the other woman went totally out of her way to post pics of the both of them, stating how much she loved him just to get on my nerves. So I just got out of Facebook all together - was not worth it in the least. After sometime I decided I could go back on and husband had totally blocked me from everything! I figure they are just hiding - I wouldn't worry about it too much. Remember, Fantasyland is easily maintained on Facebook.


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